October 11, 2007

Other peoples Blogs

So today I learned about two other people's blogs in class....Mike Desmond's and Simas Phillips's.

Simas's blog highlighted on the two topics that we have had to discuss and write on up to this point and also had a dshort discussion about his cat. He used the Wordpress blog to do hi work and the picture of one of his cats at the top of the page looked great!

Mke's blog that I looked at was called "thedudehasopinions" and the page was very interesting because there were may dots all around the page and he also highlighted on the two required readings that were supposed to be researched.

He also inserted a photo at the top of the page that has meaning to him. The picture signifies Gonzo journalism. he made a very good point about the very thin line between fiction and reality and the overall meaning of the picture.

October 3, 2007

What does Google know about Me?

Google is the world’s top and dominant search engine and in this position they have been able to collect massive amounts of data about every single user over the years. Among this data is credit card numbers, names, numbers, locations, thoughts, hobbies, interests and almost any other information that is on Google. They have this capability because of a little computer component called “cookies”. No they do not take all the information that you search online and stick them into an oven and 15 minutes late out come cookies, cookies are information that is collected on servers that belong to Google as well on the computer being used that con contains all of this personal information listed above.

Google doesn’t just own Google.com, which is the search giant’s landing page, but they also own Gmail (a email program that almost gives users unlimited space to save unlimited emails), AdWords and AdSense (programs that place ads on other websites and every time a person clicks on the ad money is given to Google), and YouTube (the top video documenting, recording and storage website in the world). With all of these successful websites that Google owns the rights to there are also numerous other websites that Google can access information of their users at such as: Google News, Blogger, Reader, Feedburner, iGoogle and DoubleClick. All these sites are undoubtedly beginning to take over the Internet therefore growing the search giant’s revenue in stocks, in the actual company and in many other ways as well.

Google is a very interesting company. They choose to reside in their headquarters in southern California at a place names Google Campus where tons of people come to work everyday in an atmosphere much like many college dorms. In addition, 85% of the people that work for Google are under the age of 28. To me this seems like a good idea because the younger generation knows what the most popular things at the time are. By that, I mean, that Google is able to follow trends, activities, etc with hardly any research at all and with ease. One more interesting this about Google is that they have one of the highest individual company stocks in the world. Google grows at a rate that is incomparable to any other company in the world that is only over a search engine. The reason for al of this revenue: AdSense.

AdSense is an ad program run by Google and targeted towards website owners. With the owners interest in the program AdSense they get a small advertisement that is clickable on their personal websites advertising a designated product, service, etc. Every click or action that is made upon the advertisement gives Google money as well. Google is a genius! AdSense has been so successful that it is one of the main sources of revenue hat Google has. In short, any user of AdSense is giving their name, sites they visit, their interests and many other pieces of information as well.

Now, what does Google do with this information? Google does very little with this information. In fact, as of recently, other people that are not even associated with Google have done more with this information that Google has ever done with it. These other people just happen to be the U.S. government and hackers. As of recently, the U.S. government hasn’t done anything with the information but they have offered Google massive amounts of money if they were to give up all of the information that they have tracked. The reason that the government would like to obtain this information is because they believe those criminals, sex offenders and many other law breakers could be caught and taken out of the community with ease. This is very true. Hackers, on the other hand want to hack into the databases that hold all of the cookies from Google’s assessors websites and use that information to do more damage. Very few have been successful up to this point with accessing all of this information because Google always seems to be one more step ahead of the hackers. I suppose this is good since pretty much every person that has access to the Internet has used Google one time or another resulting in that person’s information being held. The information (cookies) is all held in Google’s giant Server field also located in southern California that spans acres upon acres upon acres and is growing nearly every day.

My opinion in all of this is that it is eventually a good thing. When I think about other people having my information I think to myself, “ That is a very scary thought.” But, Google is a very well known and successful company only looking to make life easier, more efficient, and successful for all of their users. Google already has a phone like the iPhone in process and it is rumored that the phone will be able to access all of the websites that the user has been to the most and these websites will load automatically without delay. I don’t think expansion is a bad thing and although it may be a little bit scary to know that Google is able to contact you on your phone, at home, on your computer and many other things, Google is not the only company that has the ability to do this. Almost every giant company in the world keeps cookies. Almost every company in the world combined could most likely steal you identity with ease…now that is just a little bit scary.

September 28, 2007


Its all about the Red Sox tonight! We took the AL East Championship and are also tied for first place in the MLB for the best record. Cannot wait to go to the game tomorrow!!!

September 27, 2007

Blog #2


Red Sox are in the playoffs! I'm so happy and boy do I have a feeling that this is going to be the year once again where the Red Sox are going to take over the MLB and take it all the way to the World Series 2007. I sure hope so. If that happens, I could care less how much tickets go for cause I sure as hell am going to get some.

In other Red Sox notes, the Red Sox have already clinched a playoff spot in the post-season but as of today (September 27th, 2007) the Red Sox only have to win two more games in order to clinch the division. This would be the first time that this would have happened since 1986.....the year I was born. You see - this is all a sign. The Red Sox will clinch the division, I will end up going to the world Series at Fenway Park and then I will catch that game-winning home run while sitting on the Green Monster....all because the last time the Red Sox did something like this was in the year that I was born. Trust me - it'll happen.

Manny is back, Youk is back but still hurting, and it is 4 games until the end of the regular season and we have the 2nd best record in the MLB. I love this game.

September 19, 2007

Net Neutrality Precis

Adam Kilker
Internet Technologies
Precis # 1

Net neutrality – in general it is another law that is preventing Internet users from doing their normal, everyday things. This time, companies like AT&T and Verizon want to charge people that would like to use the Internet extra monthly fees pending on how many websites they would like to search on a monthly basis. In addition, companies would also like to regulate which websites would be able to have faster access to the Internet based on their paying for the faster service.

For instance, if CNN.com were to pay a set amount just like some other sites then those sites that paid would be granted some extra boost with their online speed. Many people are against this New neutrality proposal saying that it will have trouble enforcing the new rules, it will cause a lack or innovation and possibly destroy all ease in communication that current users enjoy. A lot like those people, small businesses around the world agree by have similar statements about how it would cause troublesome times between companies, would completely get rid of the communication pluses that are right now thriving and would simply destroy their clients if their businesses were only Internet savvy.

The new service would also prioritize certain websites, programs and applications according to their ease in use as well as the amount of people that previously used the sites, programs, etc. In addition to providing those services at higher speeds because the companies would most likely be paying for that opportunity the companies would also gain more market share because they were one of only a few companies that were being highlighted.

The article also touched on theories that the net is currently used for vast forms of advertising, a wide variety of entertainment many financial transaction sites and places for financial thriving.

Now, assuming that this bill went through, passed and was put into effect by 2008, that would put the world at a near crisis state. The more I think about weather or not this makes any sense at all to me, the more things that I can think that are negative about this entire plan. Just for starters, the plan would mean that Internet would be cut off from normal everyday people that simply only use the internet for one or two sites. This is true because there will more than likely not be a plan for people to use one or two sites and there will probably be a plan starting at around 10 or 15 I am guessing. My reasoning for this is that those people will not e wanting to pay the price I believe is in store for people who will have to end up paying for this. Secondly, this entire plan seems to be causing a “legal” monopoly. By this I mean simply, after this plan is put into effect, assuming that it will be, only certain companies will be used because they will be the only ones being advertised to the mass media, because they will be paying for faster internet privileges they will be used by many other people that realize that this is an opportunity to jump on, they will bringing in new consumers by the thousands day-by-day assuming that nothing goes wrong with their advertising. Lastly, these companies that will be receiving the faster bandwidth will be holding an extremely unfair advantage to other sites that are smaller but still growing on the web. Those businesses that are mostly on the web for instance, eBay, will continue to thrive just fine on the web because they are the predominant bidding and auction web site. Although eBay would still be the most-used site for bids and auctions, sites like Ubid.com, which is a similar auction site and derives almost entirely online, would not thrive nearly as much.

September 18, 2007

I Love Macs

I have not even had my mac for a year yet and I have learned so much to mention one of my now most favorite hobbies - creating music. I may not be very good at it and I may not being an audio production student but I have spent countless hours playing Garageband as well as many of the other programs that are included with my Mac.

Thanks Apple!

September 15, 2007

My Red Socks

So, as a Red Sox fan I support the Sox, most of their decisions ad the fact that sometimes they are going to lose. Last nights game, on the other hand, was a complete disappointment.

For all of you who did not get the opportunity to watch the Sox fail, the Red Sox were up by nearly 6 runs the entire game then, late into the night, the Yankees were able to come back and take the 8-7 lead, which is ridiculous, and then eventually win the game.

That win brought the Yankees back to only 4 1/2 games behind the Red Sox for the American league East title.

With all that said, I'm happy to hear the Red Sox at least kept the yanks under good control tonight winning 10-1.


September 13, 2007

My Initial Impressions on Net Neutrality: How it affects ME

Net Neutrality

Someone please tell me how any of the new proposed Internet restriction and Net Neutrality laws would make any sense at all. Let alone...how the hell are they going to help anyone. I believe if anything they are going to create networks of people throughout the world who have their own specific sites that they enjoy going to and that they like to be at once they get online. What I mean by this is, the unnecessary restriction of peoples freedom to surf the web would most likely not only cause many to believe that the US is a simply being more and more cracking down on American's everyday life. How fair is that?!?!?

Also, I would really like someone to tell me why mega-companies like Google and ATT are supporting this kind of montracity. Sure, they would get many more people coming to their site to look at all of the things that make them well....them but, all in all those mega-companies are pretty much paying those people that go to their sites to simply go there. In essence, companies like Google would pay the government or whomever it is that decides to regulate the internet then to allow us to look at the specified web pages that we want to look at.

Well, to me this is the worst thing that congress can do and from reading this blog I hope you are able to get that from me.

Check out this website for more info: