September 13, 2007

My Initial Impressions on Net Neutrality: How it affects ME

Net Neutrality

Someone please tell me how any of the new proposed Internet restriction and Net Neutrality laws would make any sense at all. Let the hell are they going to help anyone. I believe if anything they are going to create networks of people throughout the world who have their own specific sites that they enjoy going to and that they like to be at once they get online. What I mean by this is, the unnecessary restriction of peoples freedom to surf the web would most likely not only cause many to believe that the US is a simply being more and more cracking down on American's everyday life. How fair is that?!?!?

Also, I would really like someone to tell me why mega-companies like Google and ATT are supporting this kind of montracity. Sure, they would get many more people coming to their site to look at all of the things that make them well....them but, all in all those mega-companies are pretty much paying those people that go to their sites to simply go there. In essence, companies like Google would pay the government or whomever it is that decides to regulate the internet then to allow us to look at the specified web pages that we want to look at.

Well, to me this is the worst thing that congress can do and from reading this blog I hope you are able to get that from me.

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