September 27, 2007

Blog #2


Red Sox are in the playoffs! I'm so happy and boy do I have a feeling that this is going to be the year once again where the Red Sox are going to take over the MLB and take it all the way to the World Series 2007. I sure hope so. If that happens, I could care less how much tickets go for cause I sure as hell am going to get some.

In other Red Sox notes, the Red Sox have already clinched a playoff spot in the post-season but as of today (September 27th, 2007) the Red Sox only have to win two more games in order to clinch the division. This would be the first time that this would have happened since 1986.....the year I was born. You see - this is all a sign. The Red Sox will clinch the division, I will end up going to the world Series at Fenway Park and then I will catch that game-winning home run while sitting on the Green Monster....all because the last time the Red Sox did something like this was in the year that I was born. Trust me - it'll happen.

Manny is back, Youk is back but still hurting, and it is 4 games until the end of the regular season and we have the 2nd best record in the MLB. I love this game.

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