October 11, 2007

Other peoples Blogs

So today I learned about two other people's blogs in class....Mike Desmond's and Simas Phillips's.

Simas's blog highlighted on the two topics that we have had to discuss and write on up to this point and also had a dshort discussion about his cat. He used the Wordpress blog to do hi work and the picture of one of his cats at the top of the page looked great!

Mke's blog that I looked at was called "thedudehasopinions" and the page was very interesting because there were may dots all around the page and he also highlighted on the two required readings that were supposed to be researched.

He also inserted a photo at the top of the page that has meaning to him. The picture signifies Gonzo journalism. he made a very good point about the very thin line between fiction and reality and the overall meaning of the picture.

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